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Dr. Kim Johnson, 2011 Anthony N. Sabga Laureate for Excellence in Arts & Letters, is the foremost historian of pan. Johnson is a Senior Research Fellow at The Academy for Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs at The University of Trinidad and Tobago.   His ongoing projects include ‘The Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago’ (an online encyclopedia of TT culture, society and history); and ‘Ways of Hearing’, a study of music in the Americas. Johnson’s forthcoming books include Jahaji Tempo: A Biographical Prelude to Indo-Trini Music (UTT Press, 2012).

  • 2011: Tinpan to TASPO: Origins of the Steelband Movement 1939-1951 (University of the West Indies Press)
  • 2011: The Illustrated Story of Pan , Published by UTT Press.
  • The Illustrated Story of Pan, is the definitive pictorial and oral history of the steelband movement.
  • 2010: The Audacity of the Creole Imagination. A multi-media pan exhibition, commissioned by the National Museum and Art Gallery included a 13-minute film of the same name, which was screened at the 2010 T&T Film Festival and contained photos, film footage and audio recordings previously unavailable to the public, starting with the first “iron band” recordings of 1940.
  • 2007: Descendants of the Dragon (Ian Randle Press)
  • 2006: If Yuh Iron Good You is King, (Paria Press Ltd)
  • 2003: Renegades; The History of the Renegades Steel Orchestra of Trinidad & Tobago, (Macmillan Ltd)
  • 1998: The Fragrance of Gold: Trinidad in the Age of Discovery.
  • (School for Continuing Studies, University of the West Indies)

PAN! We Are The World is a trans-media steelband project based on a film aimed at globally promoting our steelband movement and branding Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) as its home. – Your Home of Steelband

The site is about the latest news on pan from a team based in Trinidad and Tobago. It is about looking to build communities with all steelband practitioners of the world through our Trinbago steelband directory and our world steelband directory.

It is about creating network and potential opportunities for steelband and pan practitioners all over the world.

Please share it with your friends, family and all pan fanatics of the world!

PAN! We Are The World

This site is part of our multimedia project “PAN! We Are The World” which feature the progress of our film “PAN! A Modern Odyssey” as well as its related outputs such as the CD, Book, Apps etc…

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