Previous Work

Director : (selection since 2009)

  • 2009 “La fille de la bande” video clip Renan Luce /Barclay/ Morgane
  • 2009 “Little Girl Blue” documentary on Rose  Morgane/ EMI /France 2
  • 2009 “Le prix Constantin” documentary Morgane/ France 2
  • 2010 « Nantes » video clip Renan Luce /Barclay/Morgane
  • 2010 « Give him the Ooh La la » video clip for André Manoukian/ Emi/ Morgane
  • 2010 « Bilan Carbone »  video clip for Benoit Doremus / Emi/Morgane
  • 2010 « la tournée des miros » documentary on Renan Luce
  • 2010 « la bête des vosges » documentary 52 ‘ France 5/ Souffleurs de vert
  • 2010 “le Prix Constantin 2010″ documentary 90′ Morgane/Angora/ France 2 /France 4
  • 2011 “Nya”  Live broadcast of d’Abou Lagraa Souffleurs de Vert/Arte
  • 2011/2012 La cité de la danse documentary 52 ‘ France 2/ Souffleurs de vert official selection FIPA 2013
  • 2011 « les 10 ans du Prix Constantin» documentary 90′ Morgane/Angora/ France 2 /France 4
  • 2011 Zebda «le dimanche autour de l’église  clip / Angora/ Barclay
  • 2012 Anais « Private Dancer « clip /angora/ Polydor
  • 2012 Zebda « un je ne sais quoi» clip /barclay
  • 2012 Coeur de Pirate au Petit Palais Concert Unique France 4
  • 2012 Alexis Hk «le dernier Présent « video clip /Bobine/la familia
  • 2012 Alexis Hk «je reviendrai»  video clip /Bobine/la familia
  • 2012 Seuls à 3 documentary on Renan Luce / Benoit Dorémus / Alexis Hk . Barclay / La familia/ Bobine
  • 2013 ” STANDARDS” Live Broadcast of choreographist Pierre Rigal / France 2

PAN! We Are The World is a trans-media steelband project based on a film aimed at globally promoting our steelband movement and branding Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) as its home. – Your Home of Steelband

The site is about the latest news on pan from a team based in Trinidad and Tobago. It is about looking to build communities with all steelband practitioners of the world through our Trinbago steelband directory and our world steelband directory.

It is about creating network and potential opportunities for steelband and pan practitioners all over the world.

Please share it with your friends, family and all pan fanatics of the world!

PAN! We Are The World

This site is part of our multimedia project “PAN! We Are The World” which feature the progress of our film “PAN! A Modern Odyssey” as well as its related outputs such as the CD, Book, Apps etc…

Click here to find out more about the project.

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