FAWPAN Odyssey local flyer (8.5x5.5in)APan! Our Music Odyssey opens at cinemas across the country on November 5th. The film can be seen at Cinemas 8 Trincity, Movie Towne, Digicel IMAX and Empire Cinema San Fernando.

Pan! Our Music Odyssey brings together in docu-drama form, a fictional account of the birth of the steelpan seventy years ago, with a present day story of how musicians come from all over the world to participate in the annual Panorama competition in Trinidad. (more…)

Pan! Our Music Odyssey – the definitive steel pan movie – will open in cinemas across Trinidad and Tobago on November 5, 2014.

The eagerly anticipated new docu-drama that tells the story of the national instrument, the steel pan, premiered to a packed audience at Globe Cinema on September 16th at the opening of the 9th Annual Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. The 80 minute film is based on the fictional story of Goldteeth in the early fifties in Port of Spain. Pan! Our Music Odyssey was filmed in Trinidad with a cast of more than 400 actors and extras. (more…)

    PAN! Our Music Odyssey is a transmedia project promoting the steelband movement internationally with an 80 minute docudrama, telling the human adventure of Pan from its genesis, through reenactment stories, to its propagation all around the world.